About Us

Rohring Results has an all-encompassing mission to reduce suffering on a global scale, from human trafficking and slavery to Veterans’ suicide awareness, we support missions that align with our values. Every year, we donate 8 websites to hand-picked non-profits and offer services at reduced rates (or no cost) to help excel and increase their outputs in the community.

KindIam is a new nonprofit organization founded by Brittany Rohr with the mission to reunite the world with acts of kindness paid forward. Every act has a butterfly effect that will be tracked on an app, showing the true impact of that one act of kindness. The funding produced will go to rebuilding the foster system in America, and Brittany’s focus is to give children a voice and a platform to be heard so they can succeed in life.

We are involved with the Sunrise Sarasota Rotary Club and assist many other Rotary clubs in the area with marketing and technology and either donate or perform the services at cost. The Rohring Results team is also involved on the district level, supporting projects such as Hurricane Ian Relief organization and efforts, local events, and fundraisers.

There are always more ways to give back, and we are open to supporting new ideas and creating a bigger impact on the local, national, and global scale. Thank you for reading. If you are here, then you clearly care about businesses operating with integrity and making a difference in the world.

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